Camion Forum: proximity

  • Proximity with your customers, your distributors, your sales force.
  • Proximity in the type of contacts you can establish with them in a friendly space.

Camion Forum: freedom

  • Freedom to go wherever you want to according to the targeted audience you want to reach.
  • Freedom to fit your space and its approaches in accordance with your own image.

Camion Forum: a means to have exclusive rights

  • Exclusive rights in this trade show where you are the only exhibitor and where you can invite select visitors, your VIPs.
  • Exclusive rights in the choice of the theme, the content, the fitting and the decoration of your exhibition.

Camion Forum: a means to make big news

  • To make big news because "Camion-Forum" is in one an original communication tool.
  • To make big news because you are the only one to meet your partners on the way.


Wherever you want to go in the world we have the Road Show you need.