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"28 m2"

All our exhibition units offer the best equipment : Air conditioning, heating, electrical fittings up to current standards, comfortable lighting, large number of plugs, the whole up to safety standards...
You can use our vehicle simply with their basic configurations. Alternatively you can custom each unit in order to create your own atmosphere in conformity with your corporate identity.
Comfort and efficiency have priority. CPO provides you the best solutions for your products and services promotion.


INDIANA SQUALL was designed in order to give you the best compromise between a classic showroom and a private room for all your business transactions.
Its extensions allow to increase your reception and exhibition capacities.

roadshow_cpo_indiana renault

roadshow_cpo_indiana bug19

roadshow_cpo_indiana bug18

roadshow_cpo_indiana bug17

roadshow_cpo_indiana bug16


  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Technical room
  • Central control room
  • Private room
  • Picture windows on the both sides
  • Large opening door on the left side
  • Hinged body panel on the left side
  • Eaves on the left side which can be used either for your visitors reception or for your show itself
  • Pole supports - Flag poles
  • Large advertising display on the roof (optional extra)
  • External decoration which can be simply a sign or alternatively a total covering