Thrilling Venturer

The THRILLING VENTURER is ideal for corporate promotions and sponsorship and as a stand-alone mobile attraction for special events.

Exhibitions, corporate events, retail promotions, sponsorship support and Road Shows - these are just some of the promotional opportunities that a simulation experience can enhance. The branding of the simulator can be simply a matter of designing a custom exterior.

Altematively, you can create a total branding experience by also commissionning a film or adapting existing footage to make a special ride in support of your company event or promotion. Leading companies throughout the world have already recognised the promotional potential of this unique medium.


An unique experience: give to your visitors an experience they won't forget !

roadshow_cpo_simu Chevaliers 2

roadshow_cpo_simu Chevaliers 1

roadshow_cpo_sim armag2z

roadshow_cpo_sim armag1z